About edgeneering.eu

edgeneering.eu is the official website of EDGE. This website provides you with:
• basic information on EDGE;
• EDGE's product, solution and services portfolio;
• the latest EDGE news and events;
• links to information on EDGE's careers and internships opportunities.
EDGE's website is run by EDGE's Communication department on behalf of EDGE.
On this website, EDGE tries to provide signposts to all information, categorising it in a clear way and providing a description of what you can expect to find behind each hyperlink.
edgeneering.eu is designed for you. EDGE works closely with website users to make EDGE's website structure and language as clear and complete as possible, but EDGE is constantly looking at ways of improving.
To give us your comments, suggestions and feedback, please contact EDGE at edge@edgeneering.eu.